A Pathway to Lifestyle Wellness, Holistic Health, and Wellbeing;
A Focus on Successful Aging and Healthy Longevity

Dr. Roger Landry is a visionary thought leader who is inspires a counter-cultural revolution to embrace aging, elevate expectations and be all you can be. A preventive medicine physician, author and decorated military veteran, Dr. Landry tackles the most persistent aging stereotypes with wit, humor and charm. A leading authority in healthy longevity, Dr. Roger leaves audiences inspired to seek purpose, connection, and continued growth and to believe that at any age, the rest of life can be the best of life.


Aimed at communities, residents, and associates, Dr. Roger Landry is available for a variety of virtual presentations during the COVID-19 pandemic to build confidence, educate prospects, and directly impact the sales process. In addition to the many topics below, Dr. Roger will customize a presentation to meet a special requirement.

Dr. Roger's Expertise

As a preventive medicine physician trained at Tufts University School of Medicine, author of LLDS, and President of MPL, Dr. Roger Landry has dedicated decades of his career to successful aging and healthy longevity. Data-driven and research-guided, Dr. Landry addresses his audience with humility and humor, lighting the path to the optimal aging experience.